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About Us

Stephenson County Historical Society

About Us

The National Museum of Arcade Toys is part of the Stephenson County Historical Society Museum, which was established in 1944. We are located in Freeport, Illinois, where these iconic toys were manufactured for over 40 year. Today, along with the National Museum of Arcade Toys, the three-acre museum campus includes the 1857 Taylor Home, the Millerburg one-room schoolhouse, the Irish log cabin homestead, and the Museum of Local Industry.

Although the name The National Museum of Arcade Toys has been recently adopted, the history of the toy collection dates back to 1947. At that time, The Arcade Manufacturing Company had sold out to Rockwell Manufacturing. Company secretary, Isaac Gassman, offered the company’s office collection to the Stephenson County Historical Society.  It was delivered in 8 old wooden boxes, and included over 300 various toys. You can learn more about the history of Arcade Mfg. Co.  and the museum collection here (link Arcade page).

Today The National Museum of Arcade Toys includes the largest collection of Arcade toys on public exhibit. It also includes exhibits on other Freeport made toys including Structo, Freidag, Realistic, and Freeport Toy Co. Other products on exhibit include Arcade hardware items and coffee grinders.

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