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Donate a Toy from Your Collection

Stephenson County Historical Society

Donation of Toys

The National Museum of Arcade Toys is always happy to receive donations of toys made in Freeport, Illinois.  If you have toys manufactured by Arcade, Structo, Freidag, Realistic, Freeport Toy Company, or any other Freeport toy company, and would like to consider donating them, please contact the museum director, Sharon Welton, at director@stephcohs.org or by calling 815-232-8419.

Toys that are accepted for donation will be on permanent exhibit in the museum (toys may be removed temporarily for maintenance or exhibit reasons) and your name, or the name of the person/people you request,  will be included as the donor with other information that appears with that toy.

The National Museum of Arcade Toys, which is part of the Stephenson County Historical Society, is a 501(c)3 organization, and the value of the toys you donate can be tax-deductible.